Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A sure way to reduce complaints

Last year, New Zealand's Insurance and Savings Ombudsman Scheme had to resolve the largest number of complaints since 1998. The annual report shows the Scheme received 3,215 complaint enquiries and investigated 300 complaints. That's a lot of complaints.

House insurance, travel insurance, and vehicle insurance were the topics of many of the complaints. These types of insurance are common and many people have one or more of these policies. As long as everything is going well and they don't need to claim against their policy, they might not look too closely at the details.

But when something happens and they turn to the policy document, they might get a surprise. Suddenly the wording doesn't seem clear. They make their claim, but the answer isn't what they expected.

If they take their case further, it might become one of the 3,000+ complaints that the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman has to deal with. Many claims stem directly or indirectly from the way the information is communicated.

A global survey finds support for clearer communication

Ernst & Young's Global Consumer Insurance Survey 2012 says it's time for insurers to rethink their relationships with their customers. The survey reports the results from interviewing 5,000 customers of insurance companies. One of the main themes of their findings? Communication is key. We're not surprised. Clear communication makes for a customer-focused business.

The report says that 'better information would boost understanding'. Customers are asking for communication that is easier to understand. They want better handling of their claims — 33% of those surveyed wanted better communication. Consistency of communication across all channels and customer touchpoints is also important.

Getting the WriteMark or other document quality mark on your documents is a proven way to achieve a consistent standard of clear communication. Your customers know you care and what they read is what they get. We think fewer complaints will follow.

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