Monday, January 28, 2013

Awards time in the United States

It's that time of year when our friends in the US seek nominations for the ClearMark and WonderMark awards.

The ClearMark awards celebrate the best in clear communication and plain language from US government and not-for-profit organisations, and private companies.
Read more about the ClearMark awards

The WonderMark award is a chance to highlight documents that miss the mark and need to be written much more clearly to meet the reader's needs. 

The Center for Plain Language's website has lots of examples from earlier awards and they make for interesting reading. 

Later in the year, New Zealand's Plain English Awards will be taking place. And to get us thinking about what to nominate for our People's Choice 'Brainstrain' awards, take a look at some  documents that have received the WonderMark award. 
Read about the 2012 WonderMark awards

Read about the 2012 WriteMark New Zealand Plain English Awards

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